Enguard? FR series gelcoats

Chemistry: Composites

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Enguard™ FR series gelcoats contain mineral fillers and halogenated compounds that help to suppress both smoke and flame requirements when used in conjuction with a fire retardant laminating system.

laminates made with Enguard FR series gelcoats have met a V-0 self extinguishing UL-94 rating within 10 seconds with no dripping. Lhttpaminates made with the Enguard FR series gelcoats have also met the ASTM E162-98 (Flame Spread) and ASTM E662-97 (Smoke Density) criteria for Mass Transit applications and ASTM E84-01 (Flame Spread) Class 1 for Enguard FR series colors, Class II for Enguard series whites.

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